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Larry Wallis

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Larry Wallis

Larry Wallis has been played on NTS shows including Electric Warriors w/ J Bennett, with Police Car first played on 20 July 2017.

Larry Wallis (19 May 1949 – 19 September 2019) was an English guitarist, songwriter and producer. He was best known as a member of Pink Fairies and an early member of Motörhead.

In 1968, he formed a band called The Entire Sioux Nation with Terry Nolder on vocals, Tim Taylor on bass and Paul Nichols on drums. The band split up in late 1969 at the same time as the Pink Fairies Mark 1 line-up of Steve Peregrin Took, Mick Farren and Twink…

Police Car
Larry Wallis
Stiff Records1977
Police Car
Larry WallisStiff Records1977