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Rascal & Klone

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Rascal & Klone

Rascal & Klone has been played on NTS in shows including Children of Zeus, featured first on 23 July 2017. Songs played include Roll The Dice.

Steve Ward (Rascal) and Greg Lomas (Klone) met in 1994. Rascal has been DJing since the age of eleven, growing up on diet of early electro and hip hop. Klone started producing at the early age of ten, growing up with a musical family . From then on the two combined their skills - appearing as a DJ duo and working together in the studio. They became notable drum and bass producers, specialized on techstep. They had many releases…

Roll The Dice
Rascal & Klone
Maximum Boost Recordings2004
Roll The Dice
Rascal & KloneMaximum Boost Recordings2004