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No Future

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No Future

No Future was first played on NTS on 21 July 2017. Songs played include Maimed Corpse.

There are at least 4 bands with the name No Future.

1.) No Future is a post-punk band from Uppsala, Sweden.

No Future consist of members from In Solitude, Invidious, Reveal, Gravmaskin and Watain. In their own words they play "folk music for empty rooms". The first demo cassette Jämtländska Mord was released on the 25th of February 2012 via Bolvärk. On the 21th of March 2016 they released the EP Den Sista Blomsterkransen via Döda Barn Musik & Förlag. The same year the first demo was made available in a…

Maimed Corpse
No Future
Döda Barn Musik & Förlag2016
Maimed Corpse
No FutureDöda Barn Musik & Förlag2016