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Position Parallèle

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Position Parallèle

Position Parallèle was first played on NTS on 21 July 2017. Songs played include Comme Ça….

Position parallèle is a side project of Geoffroy D and Pierre Pi from Dernière Volonté. The influences are much more electronic than the later, and give off a much colder vibe. The lyrics, themes and imagery of the songs are more contemporary, giving the whole an entirely different sound than Dernière Volonté.

Position Parallèle is often classified as minimal electro. While the music can seem straightforward at first, there are many sound effects embedded and the lyrics are often metaphors, or contain symbolism. The rythm is always well defined…

Comme Ça...
Position Parallèle
Hau Ruck!2013
Comme Ça...
Position ParallèleHau Ruck!2013