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Christof Glowalla

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Christof Glowalla

Christof Glowalla has been played on NTS in shows including Minimal Wave w/ Veronica Vasicka, featured first on 21 July 2017. Songs played include Erde 80.

From - Berlin, Gemany

Christof Glowalla, a minimal synth outfit from Germany. I'm even having difficulty pinning down a proper image of the act, aside from various sketches in this vein. Though seemingly a one man outfit, the 'official' myspace page clues in on a few other collaborators, though their roles are undisclosed.

Erde 80
Christof Glowalla
Not On Label (Christof Glowalla Self-released)1980
Erde 80
Christof GlowallaNot On Label (Christof Glowalla Self-released)1980