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St. Paul

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St. Paul

St. Paul has been played on NTS shows including Soul in Paradise w/ Jamma Dee, with Intimacy (Suite) first played on 27 July 2017.

There are at least 2 artists who use this name:

1)Paul Nederveen - a Dutch dj 2)Paul Petersen

1)Paul Nederveen, St. Paul, is a Dutch dj.

2)Born Paul Petersen in Minneapolis, MN, the artist later known as St. Paul was encouraged by his mother, who was an accomplished pianist. At 17, Petersen became one of a number of artists to come under the tutelage of Prince, joining the act the Time as keyboardist. In addition to appearing in the film Purple Rain as a member…

Intimacy (Suite)
St. Paul (Louil Silas Jr. mix)
MCA Records1988
Intimacy (Suite)
St. Paul (Louil Silas Jr. mix)MCA Records1988