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J. Marinelli

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J. Marinelli

J. Marinelli has been played on NTS shows including Brain Dead Radio, with Pop Bottle Pete And Beercan Bud first played on 28 July 2017.

J. Marinelli is a one-man band and one of the longest standing figures in the underground music scene in Morgantown, West Virginia. In the 1980s he played drums in one of Morgantown's first punk no-wave bands The D'arbys. He later was one of the vocalists and guitar player in arty noise rock outfit Swiss Army Tractor. He has also shared vocal and guitar duties The Braille Drivers, a long standing Alt-Rock Morgantown band. Other noteworthy bands include: Manhandle, Yentl, Egoslovia,…

Pop Bottle Pete And Beercan Bud
J. Marinelli
Commodity Fetish Analogue2010
Pop Bottle Pete And Beercan Bud
J. MarinelliCommodity Fetish Analogue2010