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Richard Papiercuts

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Richard Papiercuts

Richard Papiercuts has been played on NTS in shows including Brain Dead Radio, featured first on 28 July 2017. Songs played include How It Really Begins.

Richard Papiercuts' CV includes somber musique concrete and noise experiments for Azul Discografica, collaborations with Mattin (including 2011's Exquisite Corpse LP), action-drumming for a certain NY-based Slavic psych-noise trio, and as LF Restaurant, 14 years as singer / songwriter / guitarist in The Chinese Restaurants. With that slippery outfit, Papiercuts crafted two ignoble classics of 2010 in the EPs "River of Shit" and "Summer Romance", celebrated art-punk slabs that turned heads at WFMU, The Wire, and Maximum Rock 'N'…

How It Really Begins
Richard Papiercuts
How It Really Begins
Richard PapiercutsEver/Never2015