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Spank Da Monkey

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Spank Da Monkey

Spank Da Monkey has been played on NTS in shows including Jonny Trunk Plays God, featured first on 31 July 2017. Songs played include Play It Loud (Fwunkee Vox Mix).

SPANK THE MONKEY has been playing its own brand of hard hitting rock & roll since 1995. Rising from the fog covered swamps of southern Louisiana, SPANK THE MONKEY created their own style of music that lead to the creation of their first album, self titled, SPANK THE MONKEY, followed by their second release, WHITE TRASH LULLABIES, then onto their third release, "3".

SPANK THE MONKEY continues to tour, as they work on…

Play It Loud (Fwunkee Vox Mix)
Spank Da Monkey
Mousetrap Records0
Play It Loud (Fwunkee Vox Mix)
Spank Da MonkeyMousetrap Records0