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Instant Orange

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Instant Orange

Instant Orange has been played on NTS shows including Tim Koh: Kokonut Trip, with The Visionary (Reactive) first played on 2 August 2017.

Besides home to the Hells Angels, farmers and citrus grooves, San Bernardino, California was also where Instant Orange lived and released their first single in 1968. The band forged ahead and released another single (1973), album (1973) and two ten inch eps (1974 & 1975). All of their releases were small pressings of 100 copies and to this day, Instant Orange remains virtually unknown. Their homemade sound is a refreshing reflection of their west coast folk-rock influences that were so prevalent during…

The Visionary (Reactive)
Instant Orange
Shadoks Music2008
The Visionary (Reactive)
Instant OrangeShadoks Music2008