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Jim Dickinson

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Jim Dickinson

Jim Dickinson has been played on NTS shows including The Head Zone w/ Ripley Johnson, with Casey Jones (On The Road Again) first played on 3 August 2017.

James Luther "Jim" Dickinson (November 15, 1941 - August 15, 2009) was an American record producer, pianist, and singer who fronted, among others, the Memphis based band, Mudboy and the Neutrons.

Artist Biography below via AllMusic - by Craig Harris.

The name James Luther Dickinson may not be well-known but the sound of his piano and organ certainly are. Together with his group the Dixie Flyers, house band at the Atlantic-owned Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, FL,…

Casey Jones (On The Road Again)
James Luther Dickinson
Casey Jones (On The Road Again)
James Luther DickinsonAtlantic1972