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The Heroine Sheiks

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The Heroine Sheiks

The Heroine Sheiks has been played on NTS in shows including Sacred Pools w/ DJ OCTOBER, FASO + TOSHIKI OHTA , featured first on 3 August 2017. Songs played include Grab The Wheel.

The Heroine Sheiks was a New York, United States-based noise rock band until early 2006, when the band called it quits. It began in 1999 as a collaboration of Shannon Selberg, George Porfiris, Norman Westberg and John Fell. Selberg emerged as a major songwriter in the complete history of the band whose sound was darker and more sinister than his previous work in The Cows.

With multiple references to the writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline,…

Grab The Wheel
The Heroine Sheiks
Rubric Records2002
Grab The Wheel
The Heroine SheiksRubric Records2002