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Lulu Rouge

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Lulu Rouge

Lulu Rouge has been played on NTS shows including DEBONAIR, with Runaway Boy first played on 3 August 2017.

Lulu Rouge is one of a kind on the Scandinavian electronic music scene. Not because Lulu Rouge has been around for many years, but because the two young men in Lulu Rouge have both been crashing clubs for the last decade. Lulu Rouge is DJ T.O.M. and Buda, two of the most respected DJs and producers on the Copenhagen scene.

DJ T.O.M has been Trentemøller's partner for many years, touring around the world in nearly every major club you can think of. But he is more…

Runaway Boy
Lulu Rouge
Music For Dreams2008
Runaway Boy
Lulu RougeMusic For Dreams2008