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Chayito Valdez

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Chayito Valdez

Chayito Valdez has been played on NTS shows including Como La Flor w/ Jazmin , with Besos Y Copas first played on 8 August 2017.

Chayito Valdez (May 28, 1945 – June 20, 2016) was a Mexican singer and actress associated with the folk music of Mexico.

As María del Rosario Valdez Campos she was born in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico. Chayito started her music career at an early age participating in amateur competitions with songs such as "La Cigarra","Historia de un amor","La Bikina","Leña de Pirul". Her godmother was Amalia Mendoza, a successful singer known as "La Tariácuri", and in the early 1970s she recorded four…

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Chayito Valdez
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