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Rova Saxophone Quartet

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Rova Saxophone Quartet

Rova Saxophone Quartet has been played on NTS shows including Latete Atoto, with The Pipes Of Medb / Medb's Blues first played on 10 August 2017.

The San Francisco-based Rova Saxophone Quartet was the alternative, experimental alter-ego of the more famous World Saxophone Quartet. Formed in 1977 by Jon Raskin (1954), Larry Ochs (1949), Andrew Voigt and Bruce Ackley, on respectively baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone it straddled the border between free jazz and classical music of the 20th century. Raskin had already founded several multimedia projects and worked with composer John Adams. Their first concert became also their first album, Cinema Rovate' (august…

The Pipes Of Medb / Medb's Blues
Terry Riley, Rova
New Albion1994
The Pipes Of Medb / Medb's Blues
Terry Riley, RovaNew Albion1994