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Drakkar Nowhere

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Drakkar Nowhere

Drakkar Nowhere has been played on NTS in shows including Launette's Hour w/ Laura Coxeter, featured first on 13 August 2017. Songs played include Higher Now.

An expansive blend of pastoral psychedelia, mutant progressive rock, and sonic astral projections. Debut album 9/23/16 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. When Drakkar Nowhere rows itself out toward the exploratory sonic sea upon which their debut album so gracefully sails, it’s not just that their destination is undefined; it’s that the very concept of a destination, as reflected in their music, is itself something indefinable. Drakkar Nowhere capture the wind in their sails with a sound that’s boundless, expansive and, perhaps,…

Higher Now
Drakkar Nowhere
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records2016
Higher Now
Drakkar NowhereBeyond Beyond Is Beyond Records2016