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Wicked Kitchen Staff

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Wicked Kitchen Staff

Wicked Kitchen Staff has been played on NTS shows including Sanpo Disco, with Captain Scarlet first played on 13 August 2017.

Wicked Kitchen Staff existed in its original form during 1982-83.

WKS were a core of 6 people, Tim on bass (plus violin on the album), Steve on Drums, Finn on guitar, Andrew Kort on sax, Jeremy Richardson on synth, and Russell Higgs on vocals and re-distribution of shoplifted goods among their audiences.

Tracks from the 1983 album "Debbie Grills Pulls Her Socks Up", with the album's red raw final mix, is as close to a live WKS experience as you're ever going to get.

The 6 tracks…

Captain Scarlet
Wicked Kitchen Staff
Captain Scarlet
Wicked Kitchen StaffShout1983