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Alia Musica

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Alia Musica

Alia Musica has been played on NTS in shows including Time Is Away, featured first on 14 August 2017. Songs played include Des Oge Mai.

ALIA MVSICA (or Alia Musica) was created in 1985 with the aim of performing medieval music, as well as to study Judeo - Spanish music according to the ensamble's own analysis and the latest musicological researchs on subject.

The ensamble was offered concerts in the most important Cycles and Festivals in France, Spain, Poland, Swiss, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Holland, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, England, Turkey and United States of America. (…)

The ensamble has produced several critically-acclaimed CD recordings: Bestiario…

Des Oge Mai
Alia Musica
Music Collection1979
Des Oge Mai
Alia MusicaMusic Collection1979