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The Models

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The Models

The Models has been played on NTS in shows including Getting Warmer w/ Jen Monroe, featured first on 15 August 2017. Songs played include Bend Me, Shape Me.

There are at least 7 bands called The Models (For Australian group tag as 'Models')

The Models

One is a girl group from the 1960s, who relased a cover of "Bend Me, Shape Me" in 1966

The Models are Canadian group formed 1975.

The Models (credited also as Models) was a short-lived punk band formed in Harrow, London, England. It consisted in Cliff Fox on vocals and guitar, Marco Pirroni on guitar, Mick Allen on bass…

Bend Me, Shape Me
The Models
MGM Records1967
Bend Me, Shape Me
The ModelsMGM Records1967