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The Nazi Dogs

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The Nazi Dogs

The Nazi Dogs has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 16 August 2017. Songs played include No Way.

About NAZI DOGS Been together since mid 2002. Karsten and B.T. did time in the infamous BLOWJOBS, Daichi Dog was in MESS-AGE. The NAZI DOGS started playing shows in early 2003, it was back then kinda hard to get gigs under that name, which is a real shame, as you lovers of true and uncompromising punk rock will agree…!! Anyways, we only played like 10 shows all in all until May 2004, when we decided to enter a studio and cut some…

No Way
The Nazi Dogs
Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records2004
No Way
The Nazi DogsZurich Chainsaw Massacre Records2004