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Lingua Fungi

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Lingua Fungi

Lingua Fungi has been played on NTS shows including Sounds Of The Dawn, with Down The Sun Trail first played on 19 August 2017.

Lingua Fungi is a dark ambient solo project from Oulu, Finland started in 2001 by Jaakko Padatsu.

Magical journey through the strange dreams in beautiful flowery scenery, drifting and melting. No sharp line between sorrow and joy, dark and bright moments. Lingua Fungi takes us along on the trip to the land of subconscious. Real instruments such as flutes, guitars, bass, mandolin and different kind of ethnic percussion mixed with ambient soundscapes.

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Down The Sun Trail
Alio Die, Lingua Fungi
Hic Sunt Leones2012
Down The Sun Trail
Alio Die, Lingua FungiHic Sunt Leones2012