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Psychic Possessor

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Psychic Possessor

Psychic Possessor has been played on NTS shows including A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness, with First District first played on 22 August 2017.

Psychic Possessor (originally called Ritual) were a Brazilian thrash metal band formed in 1986. They did two demos under the name Ritual before releasing their debut as Psychic Possessor in 1988 titled "Toxin Diffusion" (on the legendary Cogumelo Records). The album featured guest vocals by Korg (from Chakal) on the track "TV Sucker". They released another full-length a year later titled "Nós Somos a América do Sul". This was a departure from their gritty debut and had…

First District
Psychic Possessor
Cogumelo Records1988
First District
Psychic PossessorCogumelo Records1988