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Cali P.

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Cali P.

Cali P. has been played on NTS shows including Equiknoxx, with Coconut Jelly Man first played on 25 August 2017.

CALI P, the rasta youth with swiss and caribbean roots counts as sensation of the new reggae dancehall generation. A winning combination of beautiful vocal talent, a superb lyrical content and flow and an engaging self-esteem, he charms all his audience.

After more than 30 Single-, Featuring- and Compilation-Releases since 2005 he bring out his debut album “LYRICAL FAYA” on the german label Pow Pow, which also produced for gentleman hits like “Superior”. International release date was May 2nd 2008.

On his debut CALI P worked more…

Coconut Jelly Man
Shanique Marie, Cali P
Equiknoxx Musiq2015
Coconut Jelly Man
Shanique Marie, Cali PEquiknoxx Musiq2015