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Carol Gonzalez

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Carol Gonzalez

Carol Gonzalez has been played on NTS in shows including Arp, featured first on 25 August 2017. Songs played include Second Class and No Second Class Love.

Name: Carol Gonzalez
Date of birth: Feb. 8, 1960
Gender: Female
Biography: Mini-Biography – Carol Gonzalez

I began singing professionally in at the “Jonkanoo Lounge” nightclub, with the resident band at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica.

During my sojourn with this band, we performed six nights per week. I was the lead female singer of the group. I stayed with this group for about eight months, after which, I was…

Second Class
Carol Gonzales
Penthouse Records1992
Second Class
Carol GonzalesPenthouse Records1992
No Second Class Love
Buju Banton, Carol Gonzales
Penthouse Records0
No Second Class Love
Buju Banton, Carol GonzalesPenthouse Records0