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Bushman's Revenge

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Bushman's Revenge

Bushman's Revenge has been played on NTS shows including Don't Trip w/ Margarita, with Bo Marius first played on 28 August 2017.

Bushman's Revenge is a Norwegian band consisting of:

Even Helte Hermansen - Guitar Rune Nergaard - Bass Gard Nilssen - Drums

This young and extremely eminent trio mixes the energy of rock with the freedom of jazz in the most exciting and exhilirating ways. It´s possible to find several references in their music, but quite difficult to name other groups that they actually sound like.


A littlebit of big bonanza (Rune Grammofon - 2012)

Never mind the botox (Only vinyl, Rune Grammofon - 2012)

Jitterbug (Rune Grammofon -…

Bo Marius
Bushman's Revenge
Rune Grammofon2016
Bo Marius
Bushman's RevengeRune Grammofon2016