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Magic Power

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Magic Power

Magic Power has been played on NTS in shows including Damon Eliza Palermo Presents: Inner Realm, featured first on 30 August 2017. Songs played include Lady Midnight.

Correct tag: 魔幻力量

Magic Power (魔幻力量) is a 6-member rock/hip-hop band from Taiwan that was formed in 2008. Their music has a unique sound as it also contains essences of pop, electronica and rap amongst many others. They released their debut album, self-titled '魔幻力量', on 29/12/2009.

Members: 嘎嘎 GaGa - Vocalist 廷廷 TingTing - Vocalist 雷堡 LeiBao - Guitarist 凱開 KaiKai - Bassist 阿翔 AhXiang - Drummer 鼓鼓 GuGu - DJ

Discography: 魔幻力量 - 29/12/2009 不按牌理出牌 - 28/07/2011 射手 - 21/12/2012

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Lady Midnight
Magic Power
Lady Midnight
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