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Patea Maori Club

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Patea Maori Club

Patea Maori Club has been played on NTS shows including Night Shift w/ Diamondstein, with Poi-E first played on 6 September 2017.

Patea Maori Club was New Zealand group formed in the small town of Patea in the mid-1980s after the town was suffering after its main source of employment, an abbatoir/freezing works, was closed. The group's song, "Poi E", was initially rejected by record companies, so producer Dalvanius Prime started his own label Maui Records to release it, and it was a hit, staying at No. 1 in the New Zealand charts for four weeks in 1984.

Edited from New Zealand history online: Maori songs…

Patea Maori Club, Dalvanius feat. Dalvanius
Maui Records1983
Patea Maori Club, Dalvanius feat. DalvaniusMaui Records1983