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Andrew Thomas

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Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas has been played on NTS shows including Subtle Hints w/ Nick Sinna, with Bad Mongrell first played on 9 September 2017.

There appear to be several artists on called Andrew Thomas.

The most popular is a New Zealand musician who records beatless electronic instrumental music has released on German techno label Kompakt. His first release was the CDR So You Wanna Be A Death Star on New Zealand label Involve Records. His Kompakt releases are Fearsome Jewel, Hushhh, and Gaps In The Sun.

There is a classical composer from the United States by the same name. One of his pieces is on the…

Bad Mongrell
A. Thomas, S. Marsden
Shocking Vibes1997
Bad Mongrell
A. Thomas, S. MarsdenShocking Vibes1997