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Barney Childs

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Barney Childs

Barney Childs has been played on NTS in shows including No Boring Intros w/ Jon Rust, featured first on 10 September 2017. Songs played include Clay Music.

Barney Childs (February 13, 1926 – January 11, 2000) was an American composer and teacher. Born in Spokane, Washington, he taught and composed avant-garde music and literature at universities in the United States and United Kingdom.

He was a musical autodidact till his association in the 1950s with Leonard Ratner and Elliot Carter in New York and with Aaron Copland and Carlos Chavez at Tanglewood. He was associated later with double bass player Bertram Turetzky and clarinet player Phillip Rehfeldt….

Clay Music
Barney Childs
Cold Blue Records1981
Clay Music
Barney ChildsCold Blue Records1981