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Barmy Army

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Barmy Army

Barmy Army has been played on NTS in shows including Bahamian Moor, featured first on 11 September 2017. Songs played include Land Of Hope And Glory.

The Barmy Army was a one-album collaboration put together by On-U Sound labelmates in the late Eighties. It's purpose was to document and celebrate 'The English Disease' which was a phrase generally used during the period to refer to football hooliganism.

The album was not critical of football supporters, however, but rather used samples of crowd singing, commentators' reports, and post-match interviews with players and managers in a set of tracks which celebrate football and the passions it arouses.

Land Of Hope And Glory
Barmy Army
State Injustice1989
Land Of Hope And Glory
Barmy ArmyState Injustice1989