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Arktau Eos

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Arktau Eos

Arktau Eos has been played on NTS in shows including The Witching Hour, featured first on 14 September 2017. Songs played include The Urn.

Arktau Eos is a ritual ambient duo from Finland, comprised of Anti Ittna Haapapuro (also of Aeoga, Arktau Aon, Aural Holograms, Dolorian, Halo Manash, I.Corax) and Antti Litmanen (also of Arktau Aon and Babylon Whores).

From their pages: "Born out of the vision of its creators in early 2005, Arktau Eos has become a sentient frame capable of capturing fleeting moments of oneiric activity, where essential gnosis manifests itself in blazing hieroglyphs… It is a ghastly and wondrous parade of cryptic images…

The Urn
Arktau Eos
Aural Hypnox2009
The Urn
Arktau EosAural Hypnox2009