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The Stunned Guys

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The Stunned Guys

The Stunned Guys has been played on NTS shows including Public Order w/ Jlte & Lawson Benn, with Deep Impact first played on 15 September 2017.

Massimiliano Monopoli (Maxx) & Gianluca Rossi (Giangy) are the guys behind the name The Stunned Guys. They started in 1993, equipped with Atari ST computer and an Akai S1000 sampler. However beginning was tough, all the demos they sent to the main dutch record labels were refused. But one day they received a phone call from Paul Elstak from the cult label Rotterdam Records, and a few days later they were finally mixing their first record "Nidra e.p.", which…

Deep Impact
The Stunned Guys
Traxtorm Records Revamped2005
Deep Impact
The Stunned GuysTraxtorm Records Revamped2005