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Jimmy Yancey

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Jimmy Yancey

Jimmy Yancey has been played on NTS in shows including How the Other Half Lives, featured first on 11 June 2017. Songs played include How Long Blues.

James Edwards "Jimmy" Yancey (February 20, 1894 – September 17, 1951) was an African American boogie-woogie pianist, composer, and lyricist. One reviewer noted him as "one of the pioneers of this raucous, rapid-fire, eight-to-the-bar piano style".

Yancey was born in Chicago in (depending on the source) 1894, or 1898. His older brother, Alonzo Yancey (1894 – 1944) was also a pianist, while their father was a guitarist. Yancey started performing as a singer in traveling shows during his childhood….

How Long Blues
Jimmy Yancey, Mama Yancey
How Long Blues
Jimmy Yancey, Mama YanceyAtlantic1958