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Sun Of The Sleepless

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Sun Of The Sleepless

Sun Of The Sleepless has been played on NTS shows including Radio Fenriz, with Motions first played on 23 September 2017.

Sun Of The Sleepless is a black metal/ambient project of Ulf Theodor Schwadorf (aka Markus Stock) of Empyrium and Noekk fame.

The first release under this name was pretty standard black metal/ambient fare, having Ulf playing all instruments and doing the vocals. With the release of Tausend Kalte Winter, Sun of the Sleepless saw a change toward a more experimental side, with Ulf using an electronic beat instead of normal drumming for the title track. He further explored this style by releasing a full-blown trip-hop…

Sun Of The Sleepless
Lupus Lounge2017
Sun Of The SleeplessLupus Lounge2017