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Verbal Threat

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Verbal Threat

Verbal Threat has been played on NTS shows including Ted Draws, with Reality Check (Main) first played on 26 September 2017.

Verbal Threat first came on to the scene officially in 2006 with the debut of their single Reality Check produced by Dj Premier. They went on to record another underground classic Reckless Eye-Ballin' featuring Kool G Rap, produced by Wu-Tang's Bronze Nazareth. After touring with Guru from Gangstarr and Kool Keith, Verbal Threat returned back to the studio to work on their highlty anticipated album The Golden Era. It is rumored that the album contains tracks by Primo, Da Beatminerz, Mathematics, 4th Disciple, Bronze…

Reality Check (Main)
Verbal Threat
Throwback Records2006
Reality Check (Main)
Verbal ThreatThrowback Records2006