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Tony Senghore

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Tony Senghore

Tony Senghore has been played on NTS shows including Everything But Ecstasy w/ Tahl K, with Know Yourself first played on 26 September 2017.

Tony has been making big waves in music. Compared to everyone from Daft Punk to Snoop Dog, Tony has been using his "undoubted production talent" (DJ magazine) to make his own blend of "astonishingly forward-thinking" music. Originating from Sweden, Tony spent six years in Leeds learning everything he could from the flourishing house scene, eventually starting up his own mini-empire of labels (Anonym, Gung-eli-gung, Horehaus & Virago) to release his own tracks as well as hunting for fresh talent. Quickly earning…

Know Yourself
Eliga Mayhew, Tony Senghore
Pure Recordings2002
Know Yourself
Eliga Mayhew, Tony SenghorePure Recordings2002