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Walter Murch

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Walter Murch

Walter Murch has been played on NTS in shows including Nitetrax, featured first on 26 September 2017. Songs played include What´s Wrong.

Walter Murch was born in 1943. In his childhood he experimented with a tape recorder and was inspired by listening to musique concrete. He studied at Johns Hopkins University, in Italy and France, and then at the University of Southern California. Friendships with student colleagues George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Matthew Robbins led to him becoming a film editor. Since 1969, he has worked as sound editor, editor, co-writer, or director on films such as THX1138 (1970), The Godfather (1972), The Conversation (1974),…

What´s Wrong
Lalo Schifrin, Walter Murch
Secret Thirteen Journal2012
What´s Wrong
Lalo Schifrin, Walter MurchSecret Thirteen Journal2012