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Walter Zimmermann

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Walter Zimmermann

Walter Zimmermann has been played on NTS in shows including Pete Goes To Town w/ Pete Swanson, featured first on 27 September 2017. Songs played include Wolkenorte.

Walter Zimmermann (b. Schwabach, Germany, 1949) is a German composer.

Zimmermann studied composition in Germany with Werner Heider and Mauricio Kagel, the theory of musical intelligence at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht (now located in The Hague), and computer music at Colgate University in New York.

Zimmerman's works are infused by a personal adaptation of minimal technique. Whereas many early American minimalist composers were influenced in their works by rock, jazz, and world musics, Zimmermann has drawn a great…

Walter Zimmermann
Theater am Turm Edition1982
Walter ZimmermannTheater am Turm Edition1982