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Imatran Voima

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Imatran Voima

Imatran Voima has been played on NTS shows including Cool World West w/ Coolwater, with The End Is Nigh first played on 2 October 2017.

Imatran Voima is an electro music duo of Randy Barracuda (a.k.a. Perttu Häkkinen, born 1979 in Kokkola, passed away in his hometown Helsinki on the 12th of August 2018) and Fresh O. Lexxx (a.k.a. Jaakko Kestilä), hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their music is heavily influenced by Miami Bass, and they run their own record label Kostamus Records. Imatran Voima took their name from the Finnish electricity company of the same name (now part of Fortum).

The End Is Nigh
Imatran Voima
The End Is Nigh
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