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The Berg Sans Nipple

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The Berg Sans Nipple

The Berg Sans Nipple was first played on NTS on 2 October 2017. Songs played include A Free….

The Franco-American duo The Berg Sans Nipple consists of Lori Sean Berg and Shane Aspegren (sometimes joined by other musicians). The former is a suave Frenchman from Paris and the latter is a lanky Scandinavian-looking fellow who actually hails from the dusty plains of Nebraska. Once rumored to have been Siamese twins separated at birth (according to them, their relationship is really much closer to that of Ghost Dog and the ice cream vendor), the reality is only more mundane at first glance: two kids (both best…

A Free...
The Berg Sans Nipple
Prohibited Records, Gumspot2003
A Free...
The Berg Sans NippleProhibited Records, Gumspot2003