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Phuture Doom

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Phuture Doom

Phuture Doom has been played on NTS in shows including HKE - Lucid Radio, featured first on 4 October 2017. Songs played include Honam Artificial.

Phuture Doom is a worldview merging occult ritual and transhumanism—an audiovisual infrastructure of clashing system functions—a revelation of human choices. The singularity nearing, cries to slow mechanization intensified but the waste patterns of modern consumerism persisted, nailing shut the coffin of our collapse. Forged from the limbs of the network, Black Acid poured from it's sutures and prophesied the integration of man and machine, the advent of a new human kind. Chronicled in Nightfall and their eponymous LP out now…

Honam Artificial
Phuture Doom
Not On Label2017
Honam Artificial
Phuture DoomNot On Label2017