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Hugh EMC

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Hugh EMC

Hugh EMC has been played on NTS shows including City Rhythms w/ Mack, with H-Nigga Groove first played on 4 October 2017.

HUGH-EMC In 1988 underground Hip-Hop artist Hugh-EMC hooked up with one of the Bay Area's most popular DJs, "Scratch Master T (now known as DJ-X1) and formed the group Hugh-EMC and DJ Rock. They released the now classing single, "Its the Game", helping to create what would become the "Frisco" sound. In 1989 the duo released the EP (Extended Play) "Pimp Style". This four song EP was recorded with one of Too Short's original producers, the highly talented Al Eaton. Selling over 4,000 copies,…

H-Nigga Groove
Hugh E.M.C., DJ-X1
Soul Sonic Records1990
H-Nigga Groove
Hugh E.M.C., DJ-X1Soul Sonic Records1990