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Les Reines Prochaines

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Les Reines Prochaines

Les Reines Prochaines has been played on NTS shows including From The Depths w/ Drakeford, with You Called Me Jacky first played on 6 October 2017.

Les Reines Prochaines are a women only music and performance group from Switzerland. Their style is an eclectic mixture of pop, tango, folk and classic. They write all their texts and music themselves.

Les Reines Prochaines were founded in 1987 by Teresa Alonso, Regina Florida Schmid und Muda Mathis. One year later they were joined by Fränzi Madörin and Pipilotti Rist and later by Gabi Streiff, Sus Zwick, Sibylle Hauert, Michèle Fuchs and Barbara Naegelin.

You Called Me Jacky
Les Reines Prochaines
BOY (Because Of You)1993
You Called Me Jacky
Les Reines ProchainesBOY (Because Of You)1993