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Che Chen

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Che Chen

Che Chen has been played on NTS shows including Total Stasis, with Pulaski Wave (Violin Halo) first played on 9 October 2017.

Che Chen is a sound artist and improviser based in Brooklyn and Stonybrook, New York. Largely a self-taught musician, Che uses the violin, guitar and other musical and “non-musical” objects in works that explore his interests in perceptual phenomena and improvisation. His recent solo performances have consisted of improvisations based on the harmonic overtones of idiosyncratic tunings (scordatura) for the violin, played against sine wave pedal points. Che’s interests in difference tones (closely tuned pitches that result in beating patterns), phasing,…

Pulaski Wave (Violin Halo)
Che Chen
Not On Label (Che Chen Self-released)2011
Pulaski Wave (Violin Halo)
Che ChenNot On Label (Che Chen Self-released)2011