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The Swans

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The Swans

The Swans has been played on NTS in shows including Manila Times w/ Vex Ruffin & Possiblemusic, featured first on 7 October 2017. Songs played include The Killer Passing Thru.

The Swans was an American 1950's doo-wop group with: Charlie Drew (High Tenor) Ray Roberts (Baritone) Donald Sledge (First Tenor) James Bradham (Second Tenor/Baritone)

Discography : 1953 - My True Love / No More (Rainbow 233) 1956 - Believe In Me / In The Morning (Steamboat 101)

The group formed around 1951 and was from Greenburg, New York, which is, located about one mile from White Plains. The members at various times included James Brabham, Charlie Drew, Donald Sledge, Charlie Sharrock,…

The Killer Passing Thru
The Swans
The Killer Passing Thru
The SwansExplosion1972