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18:e Oktober

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18:e Oktober

18:e Oktober has been played on NTS shows including Crossed Wires w/ Amanda Siegel, with En Gömd Tid (Källar Version) first played on 13 October 2017.

18:e Oktober from Motala, Sweden was mainly a one man band playing experimental yet melodic electronic music between 1983 and 1988. Although there were some brief collaborations 18:e Oktober was mainly a one man band. The one man being Tor Sigvardson aka Tor.S (sic!). During these years a handful of cassettes were released, some gigs took place and 18:e Oktober also contributed to a couple of compilation cassettes at the time. In 1988 the project went into sleep mode…

En Gömd Tid (Källar Version)
18:e Oktober
Neuköln Records1985
En Gömd Tid (Källar Version)
18:e OktoberNeuköln Records1985