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AG Geige

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AG Geige

AG Geige was first played on NTS on 12 October 2017. Songs played include Der Augenzeuge.

AG Geige was formed 1986 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (nowadays Chemnitz) East Germany. Members were: Frank Bretschneider, Torsten Eckhardt (until 1989), Olaf Bender (replacement for Torsten Eckhardt), Jan and Ina Kummer. For an East German band they played a unique blend of electronic music with dadaistic lyrics sending up government sanctioned media blurb without being too openly critical. The band was championed by a few late night DJs from DT64 (Government run East German Youth Radio) and found niche audience amongst East German alternative types. However, AG Geige felt their own…

Der Augenzeuge
AG Geige
Der Augenzeuge
AG GeigeZensor1991