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Unholy Swill

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Unholy Swill

Unholy Swill has been played on NTS shows including $hit & $hine , with Wanna Be God first played on 12 October 2017.

Yonkers, NY, USA 1988 - 1993

Taken from the band's myspace page:

"The band started as a complete joke back in 1988, I wanted to put out a record of a band that didn't really exist. The European indie label scene got hold of it and loved it. It also got rave reviews in Forced Exposure, Your Flesh, Maximum Rock and Roll, Flipside and Spin. So I made more. And again, people liked it. It was time for a change. I put a band…

Wanna Be God
Unholy Swill
Wanna Be God
Unholy SwillNoiseville1989