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'68 Comeback

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'68 Comeback

'68 Comeback has been played on NTS shows including $hit & $hine , with You Could Call Me Job first played on 12 October 2017.

'68 Comeback is a garage-rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1992 by American singer, songwriter, and musicologist, Jeffery Evans. For the purposes of the band, Jeffery Evans is frequently billed as either "Monsieur Evans" or "Monsieur Jeffery Evans." The group contains a revolving cast of musicians, the only constant member being Evans himself.

The initial '68 Comeback lineup consisted of Monsieur Evans on vocals, guitar, and blues harp; Jack Taylor of the Monster Truck Five and Darin Lin Wood of…

You Could Call Me Job
'68 Comeback
Sub Pop1993
You Could Call Me Job
'68 ComebackSub Pop1993