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Florian din Transilvania

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Florian din Transilvania

Florian din Transilvania has been played on NTS in shows including Paradise Bangkok , featured first on 17 October 2017. Songs played include Întoarcere În Cerc.

Mircea Florian is one of the most peculiar Romanian musicians. His artistic ideas go beyond common borders of music, subscribing to performance art, happening or other avantgarde forms of communication. While he started his career as a folk-singer, with several calm and usual songs, Florian slowly began to get distance from standard means of expression.

Changes occurred first in his lyrics, later gradually in his entire musical output, while he obviously broke up in the end with everything that…

Întoarcere În Cerc
Florian din Transilvania
Întoarcere În Cerc
Florian din TransilvaniaElectrecord1986